“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.” John F. Kennedy

PE Curriculum

At Quest Primary we want our children to develop a secure knowledge and understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle, as well as teaching them the importance of exercise and fitness. We believe that providing this support and guidance we will help pupils to develop a positive mindset and attitude towards looking after their own physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing.  We believe it is important to give all children the opportunity to experience a broad range of sports that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in, and this is offered through class lessons, extra-curricular activities and sporting visits.

PE is taught twice a week, following The PE Hub scheme of work, with each lesson in a half term focused on a main skills objective, such as striking and fielding, net and wall or athletics. These skills are developed via application to a specific sport, for example hockey, basketball or netball. Sports rotate throughout the year groups allowing the children to learn, apply and revisit knowledge and skills learned from Reception to Year 6. By the time they leave Quest Primary for secondary school, our children have a strong knowledge and understanding of the fundamental skills needed in PE and are able to apply these to a broad range of sports that they have had the opportunity to experience. Teaching sequences of lessons, ensure there is a consistent approach to learning subject specific vocabulary throughout the year groups, as well as clear progression in the skills taught. Attitudes and values are also explored, including teamwork, resilience and fair play.

We follow the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Physical Education at KS1 and KS2 and use ‘The PE Hub’ to support the planning sequence of lessons from Reception to Year 6.  The curriculum has been organised so EYFS and KS1 are learning and developing the fundamental skills needed in gross and fine motor coordination and once they have grasped these skills, children are then given the opportunity to apply these in small games situations. KS2 then build on these fundamental skills, ensuring that the children can apply and develop them in a range of sports.  The sports the children experience is revisited every two years (Years 3 and 5 and Years 4 and 6).

As well as providing a broad curriculum for PE we are invested in ensuring the children have opportunities to develop their skills further and become highly skilled in sports of their interest. This is supported by extra-curricular clubs in sports such as football, netball, dance, gymnastics and martial arts. These clubs are run by Quest Primary staff as well as outside coaches. By providing these opportunities for all children, we aim to support developing children’s physical talents, as well as helping to develop their confidence and mental wellbeing.

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