Breakfast & After School Club

Our Breakfast Club runs from 07:45-08:30 on every school day.

We offer a choice of cereal, toast with butter or jam, hot chocolate, orange juice, apple juice, milk and tea.  Children also have access to a variety of games and puzzles.

It is held in our dining room.  For entry, you must use the children’s main entrance and ring the doorbell, situated to the right of the door, where a member of staff will open the door for you.

The cost is £3 a day payable through Parent Pay.  You do not need to book in advance, but we ask that sufficient funds are on your account prior to attending.

Our After School Club runs from 15:00-18:00 on every school day (excluding INSET days).

Each session costs £5 up until 4:30pm and £10 up until 6pm, payable through Parent Pay.

Daily activities include Bingo, quizzes, board games, colouring, puzzles, role-play, Lego building.

Monday – Arts and Crafts – different projects to create each week

Tuesday – Sports and Games – all types of indoor and outdoor sports and games

Wednesday – Food Exploration – making, tasting and exploring different food

Thursday – Music, Dance and Sign – dancing, singing and learning a new Makaton sign weekly

Friday – Film Friday – sit back and relax with some popcorn

Further Information

At Quest Primary School we aim to provide a safe, caring environment for all children in our care. In extending the facilities we offer to care outside normal school hours, we will provide children with further opportunities to develop through well-planned play and creative activities supervised by qualified and experienced staff.

Admission criteria

  • Places for both the Breakfast and After School Clubs are limited to 20 places.
  • Quest Primary reserves the right to give parents 1 weeks’ notice to withdraw their child from these clubs due to bad behaviour.
  • In exceptional circumstances e.g. physical or verbal abuse towards other children or staff, the place can be withdrawn with immediate effect for a fixed period or permanently. Permanent withdrawal may occur after a final, written warning has been issued by the school. It may, but not always, follow a fixed term withdrawal. In extreme cases e.g. physical abuse towards another child, school employee or visitor, the place will be withdrawn with immediate effect without notice.

Planned activities

  • Children will be offered different activities at Breakfast Club and After-School Club and staff will be available to supervise and lead with some practical activities.
  • Children need time to develop their own interests and to choose whether to play or not and should have time every day when they are able to choose to play, or just have quiet time with a book, working on Home Learning or engaging suitable screen time.
  • Staff will ensure that children are appropriately supervised at all times, but that they are also given time to choose their own activities.
  • It is important that we listen to and act on the wishes of children at both clubs, providing that the suggestions are safe and appropriate.
  • Children may be given time each day at After-School Club to play outside (weather permitting).
  • Parents must inform school if someone different will be collecting children from After-School Club and we will only let a child go with someone we know.  We will not allow children to go with anyone under 16 years of age.


  • The booking for both clubs must be paid in advance via ParentPay.
  • Booked session must be paid for, whether your child attends or not. The session will not be transferable.
  • The need to pay and book places in advance is so that the correct levels of staffing can be organised.
  • If unforeseen circumstances occur and you require your child to attend either of these clubs at short notice, please contact the office.


  • The charge for Breakfast Club is £3 per day per child from 7.45 until 8.45am.
  • The charge for After School Club is £5 per day up until 4:30pm and £10 per day per child from 3pm to 6.00pm.

Late collection

  • Children must be collected from After-School Club by 6.00pm.
  • If you are late collecting your child, a charge of £5 will be incurred for every 5 minutes past 6pm. If this is not paid your child will not be allowed to attend the club until payment is made.
  • If any child is not collected by 6.30pm the After-School Leader or member of the Leadership Team will contact Social Services department.