On an individual level, the school values the views of both parents and children in both identifying key strengths and areas of need as well as planning and reviewing provision.

We will ensure that parents and pupils (as appropriate) are included in regular review meetings to discuss progress and plan provision. Where this is not possible or where more regular updates are required we will agree with you the best way to share information.

We will use one page profile and other media to ensure that the views of all pupils are captured so that their achievements can be celebrated and needs fully understood.

For Year 5 and 6 pupils with SEND, including those with EHC plans, the SENDCO will encourage parents to visit a range of secondary schools, attending open days and finding out about how each school organises SEND report.

At whole school level, the school are also keen to support parents with pupils with SEND and take their views on how we can continue to develop a positive experience for SEND pupils at our school.

Activities have included:

o           Coffee morning for parents with Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist (ELP only)

o           Availability of SENDCO at parent consultation evenings to discuss any issues.

o           Parental and pupil surveys to take views on current SEND practice and recommendations for further development.