Our teachers are able to adapt teaching to meet the diverse range of needs in each class. Daily planning takes into account individual pupils needs and requirements. Differentiation is approached in a range of ways to support access and ensure that all pupils can experience success and challenge in their learning.

The Locality SEND Support Offer for Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability in Croydon is given to all staff and is available electronically providing inclusive strategies to use in the classroom

Grouping arrangements are organised flexibility with opportunities for both ability and mixed setting to maximise learning opportunities for all.

Additional adults funded by locality Send Support are used flexibly to help groups and individual pupils, with a long term goal of encouraging and developing independent learning skills.

If required more specific interventions are available to support groups and individuals to develop key areas of their learning and development. Details of the additional support offered to your child will be included in their SEN Support Plan.

The nature and range of interventions offered is reviewed regularly to ensure that it matches the needs of pupils at the school, including pupils who require support to develop their social interaction and resilience.