Pastoral Care

We care about the wellbeing of every child in the school. Our aim is to enable all our children to fulfil their potential.

Annie Robinson is the Pupil & Family Support Worker and works closely with Jan West, our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Annie has worked at the school since 2013 and as a qualified counsellor, always has an open door for any child or parent who needs some space to chat. Annie provides 1:1 counselling sessions for children, as well as running groups such as social skills groups, lunchtime clubs and resilience groups.

These are some of the ways that Annie can help:

  • If you’re struggling to get your child into school
  • If you need advice on managing behaviour at home
  • If you’d like further help in managing your child’s anxiety
  • Signposting you for further help to specialist agencies

Mental Health Support Team (MHST)

We are proud to be part of a new initiative where we work closely with our local Mental Health Support Team (MHST), who are linked to our local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Support (CAMHS) team. If you would like further help in managing your child’s anxiety or challenging behaviour, Annie can make a referral to the MHST for you and your child.

Counselling for children

Sometimes children need some extra support, for example if they have experienced a bereavement or stressful life event. Counselling provides a weekly space where the child can reflect on their feelings and have a safe place where they chat or process things through play. There can sometimes a waiting list for this service.


It is so important for your child to be in school every day, so that they can get the best possible experience and achieve their potential. We understand that there can be difficulties in getting your child to school on time, and in every day. Louise Childs supports families with attendance. Louise works closely with our Educational Welfare Officer, Sarah Philpott.

NSPCC helpline

Designated Person for Safeguarding: Jo Stawman

Nominated Governor – Tom Sedgwick

Contact Details: 020 8657 4722